12 Feb 1868 in the commune of Alimena, at the hour 22 appearing before Francesco ??Tedesco mayor and offical in the town of Alimena, district of Termini, province of Palermo is Epifania di Caro, of deceased Pasquale, age 51, midwife, living in Alimena. that having assisted in the labor, on the 11 Febraury of the current year at the hour of 3 year is born to Giuseppa Guastoferro, of the deceased Filippo age 35, wife of Cherubino Oddo, of the deceased Antonio, age 50, middleclass, living in Alimena, in the same home in the town in the neighborhood of Sant'Anna, a female child who the parents intend to give the name Maria.

Witnesses are Giuseppe Cipriano, of deceased Antonio, age 32, farm laborer living in Alimena and Santo Paradiso?? of the deceased Rosario age 57, a farmer.