1876 Milano Giovanni Antonio Dec 8 1879 birth record

Translations:  Dated 9 December 1876 at 10 AM at the town office in Marsica
Appearing before the official was Michele Milano, 42, peasant farmer residing this town, to declare that at 5:15 AM on the 8th of the current month at Via Strettale(?) #20, to Mariantonia Conte daughter of Gerardo, his wife, peasant farmer, living with him, was born a male child who he presented to the official and two whom was given the name GIOVANNI ANTONIO
Witnesses to the record: Antonio Vatta, 56, peasant farmer; Michele Parente, 60, peasant farmer.

NOTATION on the record: 30 November 1899 Giovanni Milano married with Maria Filomena Fortunata Colucci


1882 Maria Filomena Fortunata Colucci Birth record

Translation:    Dated 11 November 1882 at 11:50 AM at the town office in Abriola Appearing before the official was Vincenzo Colucci, son of Andrea, age 33, (can not decipher occupation yet), residing in Abriola;

to declare that at 12:20 PM on the 9th of the current month at the place at Via Porta Mascata #4; to Giuseppina Barbati, his wife, daughter of deceased Andrea, 30 year old seamstress living with him, was born a female child who he presented to the official and to whom was given the name MARIA FILOMENA FORTUNATA 
Witness to the recording of the birth: Saverio Verga, son of deceased Natale, age 55, Pharmacist; and Pasquale Laurra, son of Raffaele, age 53, landowner.
Only the witnesses signed with the official because the others were illiterate.

1899 Milano Giovanni Antonio and colucci Maria Fortunata wed Nov 30 1899

 Translation: Marriage date: November 30th, 1899 at 10:40 am

Groom: Giovanni Antonio Milano, 22 years, shoemaker, born and residing in Marsico, son of Michele and Mariantonia Conte, housewife.
Bride: Maria Filomena Fortunata Colucci, 17 years, seamstress, born in Abriola, residing in Marsico, daughter of the deceased Vincenzo and of Giuseppina Barbati, housewife, .
Parents residing in Marsico.
Antonio Petrillo son of deceased Salvatore, 66 years, peasant;
Antonio Tanara son of deceased Carmine, 70 yeras, pasta maker
Groom's father and bride's mother gave their consent for the marriage; groom's mother refused it.
Only the groom signed the act, as all the others were illiterate

Michelina Augstalia Milano Birth record 1901

Michelena (Margaret) Milano was born on August 27, 1901, in Marsico Nuovo, Italy, the child of Giovanni Antonio and Fortunata. She married Joseph John Palmieri. They had seven children in 21 years. She died on October 1, 1965, in Winchendon, Massachusetts, at the age of 64.



Translation reads:  Dated Aug 28, 1901 at 10:05 a.m. in the town hall of Marsico

Appearing was Giovanni Antonio Milano, son of Michele, age 24, shoemaker in Marsico. He reported that, at 3 P.M. on the 27th, in the house at #44 via Capano, a female infant was born to his wife Maria Filomena Fortunata Colucci, the daughter of deceased Vincenzo, a housewife. She was age 19, his legitimate wife, and living with him. The female infant was being given the name Michelina Augstalia. Witnesses to the declaration and presentation were Orazio Lauria, the son of deceased Augustale, age 66, a peasant/farmer, and Luigi Pitella, 35, the son of deceased Antonio, also a peasant/farmer. Both were residents in the town. The informant (Milano) and the town official signed the document below. The others were illiterate and did not know how to sign.