Cristofaro Palmieri AND Maria Oddo marriage 1886

Nov 28, 1886 at 5 P.M. in Alimena
Groom: Cristofaro Palmieri, never before married, age 21, carpenter, son of deceased Mariano Palmieri and living Carmela Lo Vetere.
Bride: Maria Oddo, never before married, 18, housewife, daughter of Cherubino Oddo and Giuseppa Guastaferro.
The couple presented documents which were examined by the town official, including the act of the request of the publications which had resulted in there being no impediments to the
marriage. The first publication was dated on Oct 24th and the second on the 31st. Also the consents of the mother of the groom and of the parents of the bride had resulted in the act of the publications. 
After each of the spouses were asked if they took the other, according to the terms of the law, the town official pronounced that they were man and wife. Witnesses were Rosario Arata, age 32, and Seminara Lino, age 27. 
The document was signed by the groom, the two witnesses, and the town official. The others were illiterate and did not sign.